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My Inspiration for Texas Chic-a was Las Catrinas and Day of the Dead

November the second is the celebration of  the  Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico.  This special day that honors the dead can be traced back to indigenous cultures dating back to circa three thousand years. The "Lady of the Dead"  festivities in the Aztec culture correspond to the modern Catrina a clay figure that is popular.  The skull is a symbol of this holiday.

I did not grow up in the Mexican border, but I had read and heard about this custom.  The idea of taking food to the departed souls to “entice” them to hear your prayers was interesting but sort of scary when I was growing up. 

Families in modern day Mexico and now in the United States clean the cemetery plots and decorate the graves with “offerings” which include orange Mexican marigolds (Flor de Muerto) . These flowers…( which I will never see in the same light)...  are thought to attract the souls of family members that are gone.

Altars are also prepared for the deceased in the family home. The objects  include Christian influences such as crosses and religious images.  Mementos, pictures, and tons of candles are also displayed. It is traditional to spend time around the altar table to pray and reminisce about the life of the deceased.

source: wikipedia

Need  To Do List:
1.  Read more about “Dia de los Muertos”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My New Adventure? 
To Learn how to create and maintain a Blog.   I have been accused of being a TYPE AAAAA personality!  ( LOL ) 
Whatever my endeavor, it is executed to the  nth power.   
So I need to remember the acronym:   “K  I  S” (Keep It  Simple). 
I tend to overdo … So hold me back! (LOL) 

My Purpose? 
To  share my love of crafting, cooking, decorating, reading, and tidbits of history and culture about my beloved South Texas.

My Approach?
Traditional with a twist… I do enjoy a little whimsy.    I learned that “Matchy - Matchy” was not a good decorating rule.  Not everything had to be symmetrical! 

My loves?
Family and Friends top my list!  I have so many  SISTER FRIENDS that have helped me through life’s journey of highs and “bumps in the road”.  My daughter was recently married to the love of her life.  I became a new Mother-in-law.  translation:  “La Suegra”.      ((More on the Wedding  to come!)

2.  Die Cutting:   Since I do have a tendency for exactness,  I love die cutting!! I own a Sizzix Big Shot, Accucut Grand Mark , Accucut  Zip ‘e Mate, and Quickutz Epic 6.
((not counting the original Sizzix and the Quickutz hand tool))
I  love working with paper, metal, fabric, ribbons, trim, bling, etc. …..

APOLOGY:  I know you should not start off by apologizing! But….. I do wish to improve my photographic skills as the weeks go by!

Detalles del Valle (Valley Details)



Sharing Fruits:
Grapefruit make up over 70% of the Valley citrus crop, which also includes orange, watermelon, tangerine, tangelo and Meyer lemon production each Winter.
source:  Wikipedia

Catherine Hardwicke an American production designer and film director. Her works include the independent film Thirteen, which she co-wrote with Nikki Reed, the film's co-star, the Biblically-themed The Nativity Story, and the vampire film Twilight.  She grew up in McAllen, Texas  
source:  Wikipedia

Sunday, October 17, 2010



This was such a fun project!  I looked around my crafts closet and decided to make
a Texas Chic-“a”  Skeleton. 
You can sit her on a desk, shelf, or by a bulletin board.

Her costume is up to you and your Mind's Eye. 
Thank you May Arts:    I love your ribbons and trims!!!

Supplies and Steps Involved:
Skeleton Body:
Skeleton Supplies

1.  Die Cutting
      Sizzix  Die used in Sizzix Big Shot
            Tim Holtz – Skeleton, Movable (new)
2.  Silver Metal Sheet
3.  Scrap booking paper- Blue Denim Seams Flat Paper  K&Company, LLC
4.  Paints and glitter
            ColorBox Chalk Ink pad           
Pearlescent Powder- White
            Martha Stewart Sterling Fine Glitter 
5.  Adhesives:
            Adhesive Pad and dabber
            Xyron  500 Permanent Adhesive
 5. Brayer
6.  Small Brads
7.  Glossy Polyurethane Spray

Blouse Supplies

1.   Use Sizzix Big Shot to make daisy flowers from black and yellow organza. 
      (Hint:  I find that with lightweight fabric the dies make a sharper cut when I make a sandwich
       with paper on top and bottom and two organza pieces in the middle.)
 2.  Make a center cut-out to make blouse.   I got the idea from orange organza trim purchased years ago!) 
      Tack Blouse with glue gun on back.
3    Make bow  May Arts Ribbon Black organza /white dots- JD10.  Attach key charm and bow   
      with Glue gun.

Close up of Blouse with Bow, Rhinestone, and Key Charm Details 

Skirt Supplies

1.   Cut pink, orange, and purple tulle same length as black lace and baste the three tulle to  
      make gathered skirt.  Sew black lace  over gathered tulle.
2.  Use Sizzix  Big Shot to make Denim Roses Sizzix  Flowers, 3D (New).
     (Hint:   I followed instructions,  but I added tiny piece of adhesive strip to anchor  the Denim 
     fabric to pointed end of the wooden skewer.   I also added Aleene's Quick dry Tacky Glue 
    as Fabric was wrapped around wooden skewer.  It helped the rose stay together without 
    unraveling.  When flowers were dry, I glued to black lace skirt then added green pearls to center 
    with glue gun.) 
3.  Use Fiskers Border Punch on Silver Metal strip about 1” strip to form belt. 
     Use glue gun to attach  to gathered skirt waist.  The flexibility of the metal allows you to shape 
     the skirt around her waist and serves as counter weight for hat, jewelry, etc.
4.  Embellish belt with “spider” brad and add two red pearl eyes.

Lace Skirt with Metal Skirt Band and Bat Brad Buckle

Hair and Cowboy Hat Supplies

1.  Curl black wire around pencil to make hair.  Attach hair with brad.
2. Use Sizzix  Big Shot to make hat. Sizzix  Doll Cowboy accessories die.
3. Dab the metal with the adhesive pad and add green Color Box chalk, yellow Doodle bug fine 
    glitter (Michael's) and Martha Stewart Peridot Glitter (Michael's.  Spray generously
    with Gloss Polyurethane.   Punch hole in hat to add  May Arts Ribbon KB38 to hatband.  Glue May 
     Arts Trim Satin Bat EX10 with teeny black diamond crystal eyes. Use glue gun to attach hat.
Curled Wire Hair Attached to Skull with Brad

Boots Supplies

1.  Measure and cut olive Crocodile scrapbook paper and metal using Accucut
     boot die and Zipe e' Mate by  Accucut  .
2.  Run paper through the Xyron 500 pattern side up with Permanent Adhesive.
     Remove plastic backing from paper and use brayer to make sure the paper and
     silver metal are well adhered.
4.  Cut out one boot with metal side up.
     Cut out second boot with paper side up. Want both boots to point outwards!
5.  Cut two sets of heels and tips from metal sheet and glue to boot.
6.  Spray generously with Gloss Polyurethane.
7.  Add Green pearls and Glue to Skeleton.

More Details to the Details!
1.  Earrings- glue crystal rhinestones.
2.  Lips- Use red sharpie to shape mouth
3.  Pumpkin EX28 May Arts Trim purse - add black diamond crystals as eyes, lime green bugle
     beads and wire for handle. Sewed around Pumpkin Purse with black thread.
4.  Bracelet and Necklace- chain, black and orange ribbon, palm charm, and crystal
5.  Framed Bulletin Board-
            Attach  May Arts Ribbon Black organza /white dots- JD10 to embellished Push pins. 
            I Glue gunned Ruby Red Martha Stewart Rhinestones (Michael's) and 
            Ghosts- EX01 May Arts Trim   to push pins  (Hint: I used a pencil to space the wrapping of  
            ribbon uniformly 
            between push pins.)

            Hanging Sign with "Hello  Ya'll"- I used Sizzix BIG SHOT with Tim Holts Alterations 
            Hanging Sign (new).  I cut orange card stock with  Sizzix Sizzlets die and
             Sizzix BIG SHOT.  Ran letters through Xyron 500 Permanent Adhesive.Michael's

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