Friday, December 3, 2010



Ok… turkey leftovers are gone. Fall decorations are put away.
Time for Christmas season and a new challenge!  Making the tree more beautiful than the year before! 

 When all of the ornament boxes are down, I start an inventory of all the STUFF!
I am a packrat at heart- (Don’t report me to the “Hoarders” producers on TV).
I still have buttons and bow supplies from Sara’s childhood.  She is now married!!!

I decide to work with bright colors and bling!!! Last year and the year before, there were huge red roses with striped black and white ribbons. I love to go to our downtown floral warehouses.  These flowers were a dollar and look like they cost $$$$.   I look in my poinsettia stack and I decide that it’s time to RECYCLE!!!!

Ok, I’m up for the challenge.  Out come my Design Master Spray cans that have been collecting dust and rust in the garage.  As you can tell from my blog, we had a wedding this summer.  So, out come the ribbons in black, ivory, and bright colors left over from the rehearsal dinner.  I have ordered some May Arts wired ribbons in bright colors and I am participating in the Christmas ribbon contest.

My brain is up at 3:30am thinking color schemes and animal print.  Bright festive Mexican colors: pink, aqua, lime green, golden yellow. Animal prints are soooo IN so I take out my leopard spot tree skirt and mantel piece.  (I had these made a few years ago by a local seamstress. I purposefully used a gold piping to be able to adapt to new color schemes.  (I am always thinking ahead!! LOL) 

OK… Let me stop writing and start the process…
Wish me luck!  I’ll report progress this afternoon.

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